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Rothesgade 6. st.
2100 København Ø.

Mobil: 40 10 49 00
Email: Annette@GrunnetCasting.com

Annette Grunnet has worked as a caster since 1989 and has experience working with both children and adults.

She has worked within the following fields:
Feature productions, short stories, advertising films, television, and theatre.

Annette Grunnet has worked with directors such as Lars von Trier, Liv Ullmann, Anders Wulff Morgenthaler, Anders Refn, Morten Køhlert, Kristian Levring, Kristoffer Nyholm, Peder Pedersen, Christina Rosendahl.

She can pick a coming star among hundreds of children, and after extensive tests she knows how to choose the right characters among well-known and established actors. Through her profound knowledge of the lesser known talents within Danish theatre and film industri she is able to find new and interesting faces for potential roles.

In order to give the director or the customer an idea about the actor's potential and versatility of their talent, Annette Grunnet works with an extensive personal instruction learned from many years of tuition with the actors Erik Mørk, Baard Owe, Marie Louise Coninck and Lise Schrøder.

Annette Grunnet
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